Products exposal
1 Sakura Book Binding Cloth
2 Lily cot book cover fabric
3 Coral colorful bookcloth(New)
4 Offset Printing book cloth
5 Buckram-light book Cloth
6 Buckram-heavy book cloth
7 Library-Buckram(New)
8 Pearlescent BookCloths
9 Dazzling Pearlescent Book cloth(New)
10 Metal Element bookcloth
11 Magic Glitter Book Cloth
12 Natural linen book cloth
14 Pure linen cover cloth
13 Coarse linen cover cloth
15 Tiffany Taffeta cover cloth
16 Paguma Thermo Flocking Paper
17 Moire Silk(Wood grain silk) stationery cloth
18 Satin silk book binding cloth
19 Cotton book binding cloth
20 Specially fabric for hand package
21 Waterproof book cloth
22 Bindery back lining Gauze
23 Other book cloth
24 Book cloth Functions Display
25 Paguma Thermo PU
26 Lantie cover cloth factory
27 Environmental certification
28 cover cloth export transport freight
2012 sample《The most beautiful binding cloth》
2013 new sample《Lantie vivid book cloth》

LTC cover material

LTC sakura book cloth
LTC sakura book cloth

china lantie book cloth

LTC bookcloth


LTC fabiri deyingLTC bookcloth yarnLTC cover material coating

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Shenzhen Lantie Book Cloth Co., Ltd. focuses on book cloth manufacture. We are the unique one in China which supply the equal book binding cloth with global famous book cloth producers quality, but owning competitive price, owning 1,000, 000 meters stock & using all environmental raw materials & glue.
Our products have passed the SGS & REACH test on non-harmful and restricted substances & passed EN71 Part 3 , ASTM F963 11 , ISO 8124 Part3 , Phthalate(s) ,content , Formaldehyde content and the SGS colour fastness test too.
Many worldwide famous brand choose our frabic: Gucci notebooks & packaging boxes, Louis Vuitton photo album, Australia Government office stationeries, Disney boxes, Swiss Corner handbag.
Lantie is very familiar with oversea book cloth.We will give superior service for you. All our products are designed for Overseas customers' interests and love. 
Satisfy your book cloth demands just 1-2 days, as we have 1,000,000 Meters book cloth in stock.We can offer competitive price and supply size of plane according to you require.
1、Sakura book cltoh——is similar with Brillianta,BN savanna,Assuan,Tasimania, vision book bingding cloth,etc.
2、Lily Cot—— is similar with Cialux bookcloth.
3、Coral colorful cotton book cloth——is similar with Savana book cloth & Saifu bookcloth.
4、Offset book cloth——is similar with E-smooth bookcloth
5、Buckram-Light——is similar with Arrestox  B(L) & Canvas Extra R Fantasia.
6、Buckram-Heavy——is similar with Arrestox  B(V)、Canvas Extra R、Chelsea & Buckingham.
7、Library-Buckram——is similar with Arbelave Library Buckram
8、Pearlescent book cloth ——is similar with Pearlescent  bookcloths & Arbelave Libbrary Buckram.
9、Dazzling Pearlescent book cloth
10、Metal Element—— is similar with Metallium book cloth & Metallic Arbelave Buckram.
11、Magic Glitter ——is similar with Magic book cloth
12、Natural Linen—— is similar with Cialinen.
13、Coarse Linen ——is similar with Ragina.
14、Pure Linen
15、Tiffany Taffeta ——is similar with Setalux book cloth.
16、Paguma flocking paper—— is similar with Lynel & Daniel flock paper.
17、Moire silk packaging cloth——wood grain silk packaging cloth.
18、We also offer the cover fabric which features  is similar with saifu bookcloth. MIQ is 100 meters,Delivery after 7-10 days.
19、Paguma Thermo PU is similar with the production which from Fiscagomma SpA & New three.
The book used our Lantie Book Cloth, wins the 23th HK Printing Awards: The grand award, The best printing book, Hardcover Champinion, creating new records of Chinese book.
china lantie bookcothsakura bookclothLTC book binding clothDubleco book clothLinen book cloth
2018 Year New Sample 《One Million Meters》LTC Book Cloth
lantie book cloth officechina book clothbookcloth showsakura book cloth showacient book cloth
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The most beautiful book binding cloth
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